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Pack Trips

Immerse yourself in the wilderness on a multi-day pack trip! Come along for a horseback adventure through the mountains surrounding Jackson Hole and see them in the same way mountain men, early settlers, and only adventuresome visitors have.

Our fully guided, custom pack trips are are the perfect family getaway. Riders with any level of experience are welcome and will be paired with a suitable horse that will become your traveling companion during the trip. A string of pack horses will carry your gear and all the amenities to create a luxurious and comfortable camp. Your guides serve as wranglers, packers, and chefs with a talent for serving up gourmet cowboy cuisine and they are excellent camp hosts with extensive back country experience.

We have a handful of cherished guiding permits allowing us to take groups into the three mountain ranges that surround Jackson Hole. The Tetons, the Gros Ventre, and the Absaroka range are amazingly varied in geography and offer a plethora of different destinations for pack trips. Protected by the wilderness act, the Jedediah Smith, Teton, and Gros Ventre Wilderness areas remain pristine, where horses and hikers are the only visitors. Each pack trip is unique and custom. They can range from riding into one base camp with several layover days to a traveling camping trip where camp is moved to a new location every day. We can tailor these trips to accommodate your favorite activities. Whether it’s photography, watercolor, fishing, riding instruction, mountain climbing or anything else you can dream of, we are excited to guide you and your group into the wilderness on a memorable pack trip.

Horseback riding in the mountains naturally lends itself to many opportunities to see an abundance and diversity of wildlife. On your wilderness pack trip you can expect to see mule deer, elk, moose, bighorn, and many more native species as well as fields of wildflowers and stunning geological features. As guests in these mountains we responsibly adhere to back country horse camping ethics to reduce the impact of our visit and to insure the preservation of these beautiful places.

We prefer small groups and all of our wilderness pack trips are private. Although each trip is a little different based on your needs, they usually have two guides and depart on Mondays. The minimum age for our wilderness pack trips is generally 8 years old. Everything from the destinations, the activities, and the pace of the trip will be up to your group and the menu is custom created based on dietary needs and likes and dislikes. There are several trips possible and below are a few examples to inspire your imagination.