A Thank You Note about Fandango

For seven years, Fandango was how we kicked off the summer season in Teton Valley.  With local music, food, and our favorite mountain valley folks, we’d gather under a solstice sky to dance and shoot the breeze on the longest day of the year.  What started as a free, local music festival with a little more than 80 attendees, quickly transformed into an “astronomical” event with more than 500 people joining in to celebrate “Fandango” year after year!

Fandango was truly the brainchild of our friends and favorite rock stars, the Miller Sister’s, who have co-hosted the event with us over these years.  They spotlighted several local bands from our area and while “The Sister’s” were often the headliners with their band Bootleg Fliers (if you haven’t seen them, you need to, they’re amazing!) they would often step to the side to give another band the feature spot on the stage.

Our local breweries always came to pour their high mountain craft beers, and our grandkids kids would set up a tent to sell baked goods and lemonade.  Children would scamper about, barefoot, from the water slide to the face painter’s table, and families would perch in the grass listening to the local bands.  We were always happy to flip burgers and serve smoked chicken and ribs, barbecue style, like we were having a giant picnic with our friends and community.  We are grateful to all the volunteers, including the musicians who donated their time and talents to keep the Fandango fun, safe and free for all to enjoy.

As it’s probably evident, this year, we’re taking a break.  It was a mutual decision made my us and the Miller Sister’s.  We’re not saying that Fandango won’t ever happen again, we’re just saying that this year, we’re going to celebrate father’s day and we’re going to spend a little more time in our gardens, and enjoy the summer solstice and the beauty of the Valley from the quiet of our back porches.  But, of course, not without acknowledging all the good times we’ve had these past seven years.  Thank you Fandango!  And thank you to all of you who made it Fandango!  Until next time…

Video Credits:
Video by Phisher Creative
Sound by Jeff Lord-Alge
Song Written by Karee Jaeger and performed by Bootleg Flyer featuring the Miller Sisters.
Produced by Mad Rabbit Presents