Our Story

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Bennie L. Linn, our grandfather and former Rough Rider, homesteaded in Jackson Hole in 1905. He began a career of outfitting in 1906 which has become a way of life for the Linns for four generations. The original Linn ranch in Wilson, where Bennie homesteaded is still intact but 30 years ago his son Gene and his wife Lily expanded to Victor Idaho, only thirty minutes west to begin the creation of our guest ranch the Linn Canyon Ranch. There is access to many trail heads that go into the National Forest as well as the ability to ride out our back gate into the spectacular foothills of the western Tetons. This ranch was once a favorite camp for the Shoshone and the Blackfoot Indians and the Linns delight in sharing their knowledge of the local history. Linn Canyon Ranch is owned and operated by Peter and Trudy Linn, Gene and Ellen Linn, and their son, Peter. Other members of the Linn family come to participate in and help out with the various activities that the ranch has to offer. The ranch is a family business and we love to share it and the activities that we offer with our guests.

How Green is the Linn Canyon Ranch

At the Linn Ranch we live by our own set of environmentally friendly standards. We do everything possible to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly business. Our organic garden provides many of the fresh foods that we serve. Nutrients in the garden come from locally created compost. Frequently we ride or trail our horses over the mountains instead of trucking them. We build with trees from a stewardship tree thinning project that we are participating in with the Bureau of Land Management. Draft horses are used in the tree harvesting process. The same draft horses are also the mainstay of our winter horse feeding program as we feed all of our horses with the team and sleigh. We recycle or reuse everything from cans and bottles to cars and farm machinery. You are welcome at Linn Canyon Ranch anytime. We are proud of all that it encompasses.